Smart Bidet LM-T007
Smart Bidet LM-T007

Smart Bidet LM-T007

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With advanced hybrid heating system and aerated wash, LM-T007 has been functionally and hygienically upgraded. It now comes double nozzles! Posterior wash, power wash and feminine wash, it gives all the options needed. With its dryer, it is very environmental, no need to use toilet paper! . The product has 1 years  warranty with Australian Standards and electrical requirements!




Posterior Wash Posterior Wash                     

 Feminine Wash                  

 Soft Close Seat 

 Water Pressure Adjust        

 Seat Temperature Adjust  

 Nozzle Position Adjust 

 Water Temperature Adjust

 Massage Wash                      

 Nozzle Auto Cleaning 

 Air Dry                                      

 Double Nozzles                    

  Power Save


Smart Bidet LM-T007